Chateau Jablonná nad Vltavou is a protected monument

Chateau Jablonná n/Vltavou - cultural heritage , reg. č. 10982/2-63

       Pohled na Zámek Jablonná 

     The first mention of Jablonná nad Vltavou dates from 1318 when a water fortress was situated on the site of the present Chateau. In 1729, Count Josef Jan Kinský purchased Jablonná and rebuilt it into a Baroque chateau.

     Chateau Jablonná nad Vltavou is located in the middle of 3,5-hectare park with two ponds, in the beautiful countryside between the Vltava and Sázava rivers, near Slapy Dam.

     Major reconstruction of the Chateau was carried out in  1873 when it was purchased by the Prague banker  JUDr. Johann Schebek. The Chateau was converted in Noe-Classical style. The Neo-Classical paster-cast iron columns and balcony with wrought iron railings and gilded flowers have all survived to the present day and have been completely restored. The park is decorated with original sculptures by Moldner, the German sculptor whose works are also on display in the park of the famous Golf Konopiště Resort.

     In the 1920s, bank director, Dr. Rudolf Vodička, became the last owner of the Chateau. During the Second World War, this part of the Central Bohemian Region became a military area, and was used for the manoeuvres of SS units. The Gestapo stored its archives in the Chateau building.

     From the 1960s, the building was owned by the National Committee of the Capital City of Prague, which established a retirement  home there. After the Velvet Revolution , the Chateau was returned to the descendants of Dr. Rudolf Vodička.

     In 2005, the building was purchased by the ROYAL interier company which, after complete reconstruction, opened it to the public in the Autumn of 2009. Credit should be given to the company, as the Chateau has since been removed from the list of endangered cultural monuments. During the reconstruction, maximum emphasis was placed on preserving the original character of the building and adjacent park. The entire reconstruction, interior design and implementation were taken care of by the ROYAL interier company, which has already been operating on the Czech market for 23 years. This is the largest Czech compay dealing in the design and implementation of classical interiors. Their wide range of products will certainly satisfy you, whether you want to adapt your hole residence or just a single room. The selection also includes stucco decorations, murals, wallpapers, wall hangings, curtains, glass panes, smithery worsk, carpets, paintings, porcelain and other accessories. You can choose from collections of the most prestigious brands on the international market. Everything will be designed and finished in the minutest detail for you!

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     At the present time, ROYAL interier has a unique exhibition in the Chateau, of classical European furniture and interior accessories from renowned European companies, many of which use traditional manufacturing techniques. The whole Chateau is designed and equipped to serve as a comfortable residence. Individual rooms are furnished in a specific style and colour. Gilded stucco decoration, ceiling paintings and restored original paintings complete the atmosphere of a bygone era. In addition, the unique expression of an original Baroque interior with modern classical furniture demonstrates that it is possible to live in classical style, even in the 21st century.

     Chateau Jablonná nad Vltavou is a cultural monument of the Czech Republic and a tourist attraction for local as well as foreign visitors. Regular quided tours také place in the Chateau.

     Wedding ceremonies in the romantic environment of the Baroque hall or in the beautiful English park are also very popular.  Chateau Jablonná nad Vltavou is a little jewel adorning the local landscape and will worth a visit!